Kaien Cruz - Buffering Case Study

Kaien Cruz - Buffering


Our mission for 'Buffering...' was to strategically position Kaien Cruz as a prominent figure within the emerging Web3 arena. Our marketing strategy aimed at kickstarting a vibrant community on Discord, nurturing an actively engaged user base. To realize this vision, our approach involved meticulously creating tailored branded content for each track, incorporating visualizers, cover art, and NFTs.


Our strategic focus involved crafting a compelling narrative to introduce our groundbreaking tech innovation, seamlessly blending stylistic elements reminiscent of 90s internet culture with futuristic concepts such as AI and Blockchain. We harnessed the phases of the moon as the cornerstone of our buffering logo, symbolizing the universal frustration of slow internet connections. Building upon a narrative co-authored by Kai and our team, we meticulously designed emblems, which were subsequently offered as NFTs on Mirror.XYZ. To amplify visibility and engagement with the storyline, we complemented our efforts with an enlightening blog post, elucidating how this EP marked a transformative milestone for the future. Through an innovative storytelling approach and precise marketing strategies, we not only met but exceeded our expectations in garnering substantial support, all achieved without any upfront capital investment


-Incorporated Web3 technologies to broaden their fan base and seamlessly integrating NFTs into upcoming projects.

-Brought Kaien's audience from Instagram to Discord for immediate communication on other platforms.

-Raised over $12,000 to pay off producer and promotional fees for the Ep.