Kaien Cruz - Demos For Ransom Case Study

Kaien Cruz - Demos For Ransom


The primary goal of the 'Demos For Ransom' EP was to establish a captivating brand tailored to engage a specific audience for their inaugural EP release. This was successfully accomplished by crafting an enigmatic ambiance that piqued curiosity about the world of Kai. Our focus was on elevating and revitalizing their image to make a resounding return to the music scene. In building Kai's brand, we not only emphasized their emergence from South Africa but also positioned them as an artist committed to pushing boundaries and operating beyond conventional norms.


We meticulously crafted an enigmatic yet elegant aesthetic through a series of micro-content pieces that showcased Kai's dynamic energy, seamlessly transitioning between masculine and feminine elements. This strategy involved consistently featuring Kai in tailored suits throughout their content, creating a distinctive style that rapidly garnered appeal and cultivated a relatable character for the audience.


-The creation of this androgynous whole world created an audience that quickly became attached to Kaien’s new brand.

-Raised over 150% fans engagement within the ‘Demos For Ransom’ rollout that entered into our exclusive marketing email list for the new tape.

-Reached millions of new eyes to Kaien’s instagram, based on our marketing rollout strategy.